Ramah Care Services
Assisted Living Service Summary
  • All services to be provided in our Licensed Adult Residential Care Homes.
  • Waiver services are to provide to persons 65 and older with a disability (blind or disabled) as determined by the Disability Determination Unit utilizing Social Security Disability guidelines, which reside in the community and for which an application for home and community-based services has been registered.
  • To elderly persons (age 65 or older), or persons with a disability (blind or disabled) as determined by the Disability Determination Unit utilizing Social Security guidelines, who are institutionalized or at risk of institutionalization.
  • Persons meet the required level of care provided in a Medicaid certified nursing facility (Nursing Home).
  • Service to individuals who may currently reside in alternative placements in the community.
  • Services provided in an Assisted Living facility are pursuant to the Individual Service Plan (ISP) as developed by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) and authorized by the Long Term Care & Restorative Services Division of the Department of Health.
  • Waiver recipients requesting Assisted Living services into an agreement with Ramah Care Services, Inc. that details all aspect of care to be provided, including identified risk factors.
  • Case Managers must submit Individualized Service Plans which request Assisted Living as a service option to the Department of Health for review and authorization.
  • The Facility Director will participate as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).
  • Assisted Living is a special combination of housing and personalized health care services designed to respond to the individual needs of waiver recipients who require assistance with:
    • Activities of Daily Living (ADL's, e.g., ability to perform tasks that are essential for self care such as bathing, feeding oneself, dressing, toileting and transferring).
    • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL's e.g., ability to care for household and social tasks to meet individual needs within the community). 
  • Assisted living is based on the following fundamental principles of practice: individuality, independence, privacy, dignity choice, and home-like environment. Assisted living services are packaged per individual recipients needs.
  • Core services provide minimum to moderate assistance to the recipient by meeting a broad range of activities of daily living,and must include at a minimum:
    1. Bathing, dressing, eating, personal hygiene, behavior management, opportunities for individual and group interaction, housekeeping, laundry, tansportation, and meal preparation and dining.
    2. Twenty-four (24) hour staff available on site response capability to meet routine care as well as unscheduled, unpredictable needs of the recipient.
    3. Service coordination capability to arrange across  access to services not provided directly.
    4. Direct service provision may be provided by the assisted living facility or may be provided by another approved Disabled & Elderly waiver provider and in either case would be identified on the recipient's plan of care.