Ramah Care Services
Options for People Living with Developmental Disabilities
DD Medicaid Waiver
The Developmentally Disabled Medicaid Waiver is a Medicaid funded program to offer assistance to people in New Mexico living with disabilities.

Community Living Supports
  • Supported Living Awake and Asleep in McKinley County
  • Supervised Living in McKinley County

Ramah Care Services, Inc. offers Community Living Supports to individuals in a culturally appropriate environment in order to best serve the individual needs of each person.

We offer Supported Living services to people living with disabilities inour community that are enrolled in the DD Waiver program. We have the capabilities to assist people with developmental disabilities and their specific needs, whether medical or behavioral. Ramah Care Services, Inc. offers medical supports, behavioral supports, and staff to implement the Individual Service Plans (ISP) of the individuals we serve. We are dedicated to assisting each individual to reach his or her full potential and to live the lifestyle that each person chooses.