Ramah Care Services
Options for the Disabled and Elderly in 
McKinley and Cibola Counties
Disabled and Elderly Waiver Program
Our Disabled and Elderly program is state funded through Medicaid to offer assistance and housing to the people who are elderly or living with a disability. Ramah Care Services (RCS) offers housing and staff to assist with Activities of Daily Living and money management. RCS currently has ten+ homes in the Gallup, NM area that serve the needs of the Disabled and Elderly population. Ramah Care Services, Inc. is licensed by the New Mexico Department of Health and provides trained Care Givers to offer 24 hour staffing to assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, laundry services, programs of activities, and menus that reflect local and individual preferences.

Navajo Nation Division 
of Social Services
Assisted Living and Respite services for people who are elderly and qualify for Navajo Nation assistance.
Private Funding and Veterans
Association Funding
Assisted Living for the Disabled and Elderly. Privately funded individuals are based on Level of Care and services provided. The VA assists with some or all of the funding on a case-by-case basis depending on qualifications and needs of the individual. Private Pay is only for Assisted Living and is not a payment source for People With Developmental Disabilities